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Hayward High School's school counselors are readily available to assist students, parents, guardians and staff with...

Students are warmly invited to see their counselor during drop-in office hours which are most days before school, during nutrition and lunch, and after school (not during class time, please).  Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to make counselor appointments by contacting the counselor or Counseling Assistant Tammy Alcantara.  Email usually works best, if possible.


Counselor Assignments
click here for printable list

A - E

Nancy Sanchez  
Ext. 61122

F - J
and AVID
             Paul Gonsalves
         Ext. 61142

K - M
and ELL

             Moises Olmos
        Ext. 61123

N - S

             Kimmberly Ware  
        Ext. 61251

T - Z

         Diego Gaviño
        Ext. 61121   

Tammy Alcantara
Ms. Alcantara is at HHS Monday-Friday 8:30am - 2:30pm.
Ext. 61125

BMS & Engineering) Counselor Adam Pitre
Mr. Pitre Career Pathway Counselor and mainly works off-site.
Ext. 61262


College & Career Advisor
(tbd) is in Room C-X Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
Ext. 61262

Anhthy Nguyen
  Ext. 61613
College & Career A-G Advisor Stephanie Camacho
Ext. 61262
Restorative Justice Counselor  Zyeala Allen-Marshall
 Ms. Marshall is at HHS Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm in Room A-3.   
Ext 61204
Social Emotional Counselor Virgil Hart
Mr. Hart is at HHS Monday-Friday at the back of the library.


Joscelyn Wilson
Ms. Wilson is at HHS Monday-Friday.  Her office is located inside the library. 
Ext. 61224
Psychologist Andrea Mace
Ms. Mace is at HHS Monday-Friday.  Her office is located inside the library.
Ext. 61224

COST Community School Specialist Shannan Carpenter 
Ms. Carpenter is at HHS Monday- Friday from 8:30-5.
Seneca School   Therapists

Amber Keil
Ms. Amber is at HHS Mondays and Thursdays from 9-5.

Dr. Cristina Scott (Abadilla)
Dr. Scott is at HHS Monday-Friday in Room K-10.
(510) 512-2700

Farmers Health Center

The Health Center is at HHS Monday-Friday from 8-5pm.
(510) 723-3170  Ext. 61206
(510) 690-6048 (can call or text)
 TRiO ETS   Outreach   Specialists Farin Young
Mrs. Young is at HHS on Thursdays from 9-2:30 in C-X (College & Career Center)            


HHS School Counseling Interns 2022-2023

Intern Counselor

for Freshmen


Cheyenne Rhodes

Thursday, Friday

Supervisor:  Gonsalves




Intern Counselor for Sophomores


Nureldin Maslu

Wednesday, Friday

Supervisor:  Ware

Room F-5
Ext. 61257

Intern Counselor for Juniors

Saul Maciel

Fridays and either Tuesday or Wednesday

Supervisor:  Gaviño

Room F-5
Ext. 61257

Intern Counselor for Seniors


Amelia "Mia" Sete

Supervisor:  Sanchez


Room F-5
Ext. 61257


Intern Counselor for 9th-12th


Julia Philips

Starting January 2024
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Supervisor:  Olmos


Room F-5
Ext. 61257

Intern Counselor for College & Career Center Support  

Thursdays, Fridays
Supervisor:  Sanchez


Room F-5
Ext. 61257

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