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HHS Google Calendars

Do you have a Gmail / Google account?  If you have your own Google Calendar, add any or all of the HHS calendars to your own Google calendar in one, simple click.  After opening the calendar, just click "+ Google Calendar" at bottom right of the selected HHS calendar(s).  You will then be able to view this calendar(s) in your own Google Calendar (on your smartphone, on your computer, on your tablet, etc.).

Individual HHS Calendars (google)


The following HHS calendars are grouped together above:

HHS Main Calendar
    only the main dates that apply to all HHS students, staff, and parents (e.g. first day of school, days off, Progress Report Night)

HHS Activities  
    Extracurricular activities and events for all HHS students (e.g. ASB/Leadership events such as rallies and dances, student    organization/club events such as DTR, Hay Day, Posada, Step Offs, etc.)

HHS Athletics 
    Games, meetings, and awards nights for all sports.

HHS Parent Events
Opportunities for parent involvement at HHS (e.g. PTSA, Booster, and Cafe events, Progress Report Night, Farmer Expo)

HHS Staff Only  
    Events that apply to HHS staff only.(e.g. staff meetings, PLC schedules, COST meetings)

HHS Testing
    Testing dates (e.g. CAASPP, PSAT, SAT, AP)

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